Manitoba Management Plus Program

Manitoba Management Plus Program (MMPP)


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MASC has worked hard over the years to develop many innovative and creative approaches to delivering quality products to its clients. The Manitoba Management Plus Program (MMPP) is one such example.

Over the years, producers have cooperated with MASC in completing comprehensive individual yield and management-related questionnaires. MMPP returns this data back to Manitoba producers in aggregated (anonymized) format to see trends, patterns and anomalies that help producers make better cropping decisions.

The Manitoba Management Plus Program has been on the Web since 1996, and makes available crop and variety yield and acreage information, arranged by municipality, risk area and soil productivity index. Additionally, crop rotation, seeding date, and cropping atlas information is also provided.

Producers can use data provided by MMPP for benchmarking, market assessments and improved farm management decision making. If you benchmark for success, MMPP can help.

Yield Manitoba

MMPP is a major contributor for Yield Manitoba, published annually by the Manitoba Cooperator . Yield Manitoba includes provincial and regional crop yield data by variety, as well as other useful management reports, to assist farmers with their annual seeding decisions.

MASC also produces and publishes cropping data that can benefit producers and assist their cropping decisions.

2018 Yield Manitoba Full Issue

2018 Yield Manitoba cover
  • Soybeans gain ground - and new MASC coverage
  • Using dicamba in soybeans, safely
  • Despite dry Weather, Manitoba's harvest set many new yield records
  • Relative riskiness of crops
  • Ceding for charity
  • Where is the rain? A summary of 2017 weather events
  • 2017 Data

2017 Yield Manitoba Full Issue

2017 Yield Manitoba cover
  • Stormy weather didn’t stop Manitoba farmers from reaping a bumper crop
  • A ‘hail’ of a couple of years!
  • The facts and myths of MASC’s IPI system
  • MASC reseed benefits
  • A summary of 2016 weather events
  • MASC Risk Areas
  • 2017 Data
  • Agroclimatic Maps

2016 Yield Manitoba Full Issue

2016 Yield Manitoba cover
  • A Planning Tool for Manitoba Producers
  • You Wouldn't Have Expected it From the Weather
  • Weather Warming Trend Continues
  • MASC Risk Areas
  • 2016 Data

2015 Yield Manitoba Full Issue

2015 Yield Manitoba cover
  • Yield Manitoba Continues to Help Farmers
  • Manitoba's 2015 Crop Yields
  • Experience - Does it Count for Anything?
  • Soybean Maturity: It's Complicated
  • Stopping Pests at the Gate
  • A Year of Highly Variable Weather
  • MASC Risk Areas
  • 2015 Data

2014 Yield Manitoba Full Issue

2014 Yield Manitoba cover
  • Manitoba's Bumper Crop Shattered Many Yield Records
  • Participatory Plant Breeding for Organic Production
  • Client Contributions to the MASC Database: Valuing the Invaluable
  • Crop Rotation Tables: Back by Popular Demand
  • Corn and Soy - Minimizing Risk with Smart Choices
  • Seasonal Variability Makes Every Year a New Chapter in the Weather Story
  • MASC Risk Areas
  • 2014 Data

2013 Yield Manitoba Full Issue

2013 Yield Manitoba cover
  • Record Corn and Sunflower Yields Harvested in 2012
  • Big Game Compensation Experience in Manitoba
  • How do Your Fertilizer Rates Compare to Your Neighbours?
  • Soil Salinity is not a Soil Problem, It’s a Water Problem
  • Finding the Right Fit for Soybeans in Your Rotation
  • Most Farmers Pulled in a Crop, but 2012 was Dry
  • MASC Risk Areas
  • 2013 Data

2012 Yield Manitoba Full Issue

2012 Yield Manitoba cover
  • 2011 Tough Year for Manitoba Grain Farmers
  • The Crop Rotation Break Interval Effect in Manitoba
  • Half a Century of Training Crop Insurance Adjustors
  • Winning Over Weed Resistance Requires a Nimble Response
  • The 2011 Weather Study started in the Fall of 2010
  • MASC Risk Areas
  • 2011 Data

2011 Yield Manitoba Full Issue

2012 Yield Manitoba cover
  • Bumper Crops to Write Offs
  • Scaling Back the Duck Factory
  • Maximizing Profitability starts with Planting Quality Seed
  • Manitoba Researcher Explores Perennial Cropping
  • At Least the 2010 Temperatures were Normal
  • MASC Risk Areas
  • 2010 Data

2010 Yield Manitoba Full Issue

2010 Yield Manitoba cover
  • Manitoba Farmers Harvest Another Bumper Crop
  • Harvest Horrobilus
  • Good Crop, Bad Crop
  • Making Sense of Yields in Yield Manitoba
  • The 2009 Growing Seasons Makes a Comback
  • MASC Risk Areas
  • History Beckons in the Wheat Field

2009 Yield Manitoba Full Issue

2009 Yield Manitoba cover
  • Too Cool, Too Wet, Too Dry - Yet Above Average Yields
  • Challenging Business Environment for Manitoba Vegetable Producers
  • AgriStability - Flawed or Just Misunderstood?
  • MAFRI Test-Driving Potential Field Crops
  • Canola on Canola - Your Fields Say it Doesn't Work
  • Hidden Within the Averages
  • MASC Risk Areas
  • MMPP Yield Data

2008 Yield Manitoba Full Issue

2008 Yield Manitoba cover
  • 2007: Averages Don't Tell the Whole Story
  • Two Centuries of Battling Yield Robbers
  • Managing the Rainfall - Feast or Famine
  • Manitoba Producers Maintain a Proud Tradition
  • Risk Areas Map
  • Yields by Variety: 2003 - 2007
  • Agrometeorological Maps
  • Selecting Varieties - Yield Manitoba Can Help

2007 Yield Manitoba Full Issue

2007 Yield Manitoba cover
  • 2006 Yields Turned Out Better Than Expected
  • Manitoba not Yielding to Climate Change
  • Harvesting the Dividends of On-Farm Research
  • What is a Typical Manitoba Crop Producer?
  • Farm Safety - Can You Afford It?
  • Risk Areas Map
  • Yields by Variety: 2002 - 2006
  • Agrometeorological Maps

2006 Yield Manitoba Full Issue

2006 Yield Manitoba cover
  • Crop Coverage Plus Another Option to Consider
  • A Look Back at the 2005 Growing Season
  • Planning for the Weather: Not Enough vs. Too Much
  • Weathering the Perfect Storm in Farming
  • Risk Areas Map
  • Scanning Data from the 10-Million Acre Test Plot
  • Understanding Your Soil's Yield Potential
  • Yields by Variety: 2001 - 2005

2005 Yield Manitoba Full Issue

2005 Yield Manitoba cover
  • Confront Risks Dead On - Choose the Right Crop Mix
  • After 2004, Be Thinking of Plan B
  • What Gives? Record Yields and Record Crop Insurance
  • Be Wary of Soybean Maturity Ratings
  • Coverage Begins With the Soil - the MCIC Soil Productivity Index
  • Risk Areas Map
  • Yields by Variety: 2000 - 2004
  • Yields by Variety: Corrections
  • The Summer that Never Came to Manitoba

2004 Yield Manitoba Full Issue

2004 Yield Manitoba cover
  • If You're Benchmarking For Success, Management Plus Can Help
  • Manitoba Crops Have Never Been More Diverse
  • The Forgotten Success: Manitoba Yield Increases
  • Extreme Yields in Manitoba
  • Explaining Manitoba Yields in 2003
  • How to Minimize Problems with Your Insurance Claim
  • Avoiding Misunderstandings Speeds Claim Settlement
  • Tracking the Green Fire: Livestock Depredation in Manitoba
  • Risk Areas Map
  • Yields by Variety: 2000 - 2004
  • Agrometeorological Maps

2003 Yield Manitoba Full Issue

2003 Yield Manitoba cover
  • Yields by Variety: 1998 - 2002
  • Business Cards
  • Crop Yield Response to Seeding Dates
  • Genetics as Risk Management
  • Agrometeorological Maps
  • Risk Areas Map
  • Climate Change and Risk
  • Yield Robbers of Manitoba

2002 Yield Manitoba Full Issue

2002 Yield Manitoba cover
  • Full Issue

2001 Yield Manitoba Full Issue

2001 Yield Manitoba cover
  • Full Issue

2000 Yield Manitoba Full Issue

2000 Yield Manitoba cover
  • Full Issue

Regional Analysis Tools

MMPP Regional Analysis Tools allow users to search and analyze MASC's anonymized data by region, crop, variety and more.

Seeded Acreage Report (SAR) Variety Data

Management Plus also annually releases crop variety data compiled from the Seeded Acreage Reports collected from producers across Manitoba.

Thematic Crop Maps

These maps show the average seeding dates, harvested acres and average yields of the most common crops grown in Manitoba for the period of 2006 - 2015, based on aggregate data from MASC's Seeded Acreage Reports (SARs) and Harvested Production Reports (HPRs).

  Seeding Dates Harvested Acres Average Yields
Barley map PDF map PDF map PDF
Black Beans map PDF map PDF map PDF
Canola map PDF map PDF map PDF
Fababeans map PDF map PDF map PDF
Fall Rye map PDF map PDF map PDF
Feed Wheat map PDF
5-year average PDF
map PDF
5-year average PDF
map PDF
5-year average PDF
Field Peas map PDF map PDF map PDF
Flax map PDF map PDF map PDF
Grain Corn map PDF
5-year average PDF
map PDF
5-year average PDF
map PDF
5-year average PDF
Kidney Beans map PDF map PDF map PDF
Non-Oil Sunflowers map PDF map PDF map PDF
Oats map PDF map PDF map PDF
Oil Sunflowers map PDF map PDF map PDF
Other Beans map PDF map PDF map PDF
Pinto Beans map PDF map PDF map PDF
Red Spring Wheat map PDF map PDF map PDF
Soybeans map PDF
5-year average PDF
map PDF
5-year average PDF
map PDF
5-year average PDF
White Pea Beans map PDF map PDF map PDF
Winter Wheat map PDF map PDF map PDF
All maps created by L. Mitchell, Manitoba Agriculture, 2016

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