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Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation

MASC Corporate Governance

The Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) is a Crown corporation of the Manitoba Government, established by The Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation Act (2005).

Board of Directors

The Lieutenant Governor in Council appoints MASC’s directors and designates one director as chair and one director as vice-chair. The Board of Directors is to consist of not fewer than five and not more than nine directors.

The Board is responsible for the overall stewardship of the Corporation. It sets MASC’s strategic direction and organizational objectives, with the assistance of Executive Management, and provides final approval of all applicable budgets.

The Board also makes recommendations to the Minister of Agriculture on future programming, ensures that the corporate governance policies by which MASC operates are relevant and current, and is responsible to oversee and monitor corporate operations according to applicable legislative requirements and with acceptable levels of risk.

MASC Board of Directors

Chair (vacant),
Larry Bohdanovich (Vice-Chair),
Doug Chorney, Bryan Ferris,
Leonard Harapiak, Mary Johnson,
Calvin Martin

Board Audit and Finance Committee

The Board of Directors is assisted by the work of the following committee:

  • The Board Audit and Finance Committee assists the Board of Directors by reviewing functions specifically related to financial reporting and risk management including, but not limited to, budget allocations, financial statements, financial controls and reinsurance arrangements.
    Members: Leonard Harapiak (Committee Chair), Larry Bohdanovich, Bryan Ferriss, Calvin Martin

Executive Management

Neil Hamilton, President & CEO;
David Van Deynze, Acting VP, Insurance Operations;
Kevin Craig, VP, Lending Operations;
Jared Munro, Acting VP, Research & Program Development;
Fern Comte, Chief Financial Officer;
Tyler Gooch, Chief Information Officer;
Lester Vopni, VP, Corporate Services

The President & CEO, who reports to the Board of Directors, is responsible for the administration of MASC's day-to-day operations. The other members of Executive Management are responsible for the following operational divisions:

  • Insurance Operations: insurance sales and services, claim services and other programs and services
  • Lending Operations: lending programs, guarantee programs, and loan administration
  • Research & Program Development: premium rates, coverages & forecasting, program development, and agronomy research & advice
  • Financial and Administration: financial and administration services
  • Information Technology: information technology services
  • Corporate Services: collections & regulations, communications & planning, human resources, and internal review & compliance

MASC Organizational Chart
Image: MASC Organization Chart

MASC Organization Chart
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