About MASC

About MASC

Vision, Mission, Values and Goals

Vision, Mission, Values and Goals


A strong rural economy with successful farms and businesses


Enhance financial stability in rural Manitoba by providing risk management solutions, lending options and other programs and services to address emerging needs


  • Innovation - in developing programs and services
  • Responsiveness - in program delivery
  • Excellence - in customer service
  • Consultation - with client and government stakeholders
  • Accountability - in managing public funds
  • Social Responsibility - in balancing public policy and business objectives
  • Employee Engagement - in a productive and positive work environment


  • Insurance - provide agricultural insurance-based programs that mitigate financial risk for the majority of farmers
  • Lending - provide young, beginning and other farmers, and rural business operators, with access to credit
  • Other Programs and Services - deliver emergency assistance and other initiatives that align with government priorities, as well as inspection services
  • Corporate - pursue a digital business model to maximize the value of programs and services for clients while conducting business effectively and efficiently

Additional Information

  • Corporate Governance - Learn more about MASC's Board of Directors and Executive Management
  • Corporate Policies - Learn more about MASC policies that are directly related to MASC's interaction with clients and the public
  • MASC History - MASC has a long history of supporting rural Manitobans
  • Client Focus - See how MASC works to support clients in rural Manitoba
  • Contact Us - Find contact information for your local Insurance Agent or Lending Representative
  • Office Locations - Find your local insurance and lending offices
  • Careers - If you are ambitious, hard working and you excel in team and individual settings, consider a career with MASC