MASC Lending Overview

MASC Lending

Lending Overview

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MASC's lending programs provide Manitoba's agricultural producers and rural businesses with reasonable access to credit. MASC provides direct loans and guarantees loans made by private-sector financial institutions to assist in the creation and expansion of operations in rural Manitoba.

MASC Lending is represented throughout Manitoba by 15 Lending offices.


Lending Programs

Lending Programs

Direct Loans

MASC provides short, intermediate and long-term financing with reasonable interest rates to eligible Manitoba agricultural producers and businesses.

MASC Lending clients enjoy no penalties for loan prepayment, and have the flexibility of either locking in an interest rate for the full amortization period or selecting renewable interest rates for one to five years.

Direct Loans are available for purposes such as: purchasing land and buildings, equipment, breeding livestock, and quota for supply-managed commodities; constructing or renovating farm builds (including farm homes); and consolidating and refinancing debts.

Also included in the Direct Loans category are Alternate Energy Loans, Comprehensive Refinancing Loans and Environmental Enhancement Loans.

Bridging Generations Initiative

The Bridging Generations Initiative supports young farmers under the age of 40 with the inter-generational transfer of assets through flexible financing options and Young Farmer Rebates (YFR).


Stocker Loans

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Stocker Loans provide producers with short-term financing for the purpose of purchasing feeder cattle and lambs, or as a cash advance on their own retained feeder animals.

Loans of up to $500,000 are available, with interest terms of one year for cattle and 5 months for sheep.

Producers who finance livestock with an MASC Stocker Loan and purchase a Western Livestock Price Insurance Program (WLPIP) policy for feeder cattle are eligible for a one-time interest rebate of 0.25% of the Stocker Loan amount.


Loan Guarantees

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MASC guarantees various types of loans made by credit unions, caisse populaires and certain chartered banks, giving added security to agricultural and rural loans that the private sector may consider higher risk.

MASC offers Diversification Loan Guarantees, Operating Credit Guarantees for Agriculture, Manitoba Livestock Associations Loan Guarantees, Operating Credit Guarantees for Rural Small Business and Rural Entrepreneur Assistance.


Rural Entrepreneur Assistance (REA)


Rural Entrepreneur Assistance (REA) guarantees 80% of an entrepreneur's loan amount (up to $200,000), providing extra security to financial institutions that are prepared to offer businesses (small commercial and home-based) in rural Manitoba the financial support they need to be successful.

REA guarantees are available to small businesses located in rural Manitoba (outside of Winnipeg). Loans can be made to owners/operators, and may be used to finance the purchase of fixed assets, inventory and/or working capital.