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Insurance Overview

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MASC Insurance provides producers with a broad range of risk management tools. Insurance programs are ongoing, with periodic enhancements based on input from producer groups, individual producers and staff, with overarching priorities established by MASC's Board of Directors and direction from the Manitoba Government.

MASC is represented throughout Manitoba at 10 s.


Insurance Programs


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AgriInsurance protects against crop production losses and quality losses caused by natural perils, including: drought, excess moisture (rainfall and flood), frost, hail, fire, excess heat, wind, wildlife, disease and pests. Losses that are within a producer's control are not covered.

AgriInsurance offers coverage on over 80 different annual crops, as well as forages during establishment and production, and the inability to seed land in the spring due to wet conditions. AgriInsurance can be tailored to fit different farm operations and budgets, with producers able to select a range of crop coverages from 50% to 90% of their probable yields.

AgriInsurance Programs

MASC offers a large complement of AgriInsurance programs that cover specific crops and coverage situations, such as Excess Moisture Insurance (EMI) and Forage Insurance. Other AgriInsurance programs include Crop Coverage Plus and Vegetable Acreage Loss.

The AgriInsurance Programs page also has links to fact sheets containing crop-specific information for crops insured under AgriInsurance.

Hail Insurance

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Hail Insurance provides spot-loss coverage against hail and accidental fire damage. Coverage is available in various dollar amounts and can be purchased or cancelled throughout the growing season. Hail Insurance is available as a separate policy to producers who participate in AgriInsurance.

The Continuous Hail Insurance Option (CHIO) allows producers to automatically insure all eligible crops without annual re-application.

Livestock Price Insurance

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Livestock Price Insurance (LPI) provides livestock producers with a range of coverage options to help manage price risk. The program provides an insurable 'floor' price on cattle and hogs.

Developed as a producer-driven initiative under the guidance of Alberta Beef Producers, MASC first offered LPI coverage to Manitoba livestock producers in 2014.

Overwinter Bee Mortality Insurance

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Overwinter Bee Mortality Insurance insures a producer’s bee colonies against unmanageable abnormal overwinter losses.

Beekeepers have the option to insure their colonies at high or low dollar coverage levels, and are paid an indemnity if the number of surviving colonies is less than their insurance guarantee.


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