Farmland School Tax Rebate Overview

Farmland School Tax Rebate

MacGregor Elementary School
Historic school bell, MacGregor Elementary School


The Farmland School Tax Rebate (FSTR) was implemented in 2004 to support the rural economy by providing Manitoba farmland owners with school tax relief.

The rebate percentage has increased from 33% in 2004 to its current level of 80%. Landowners are required to submit an annual application to Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC). If you received a rebate in 2020, a pre-populated application form will be supplied to you in 2021.

The deadlines to apply for the 2020 and earlier year rebates have now passed. If you have not applied for the 2020 rebate, a pre-printed application form will not be mailed to you. Please contact an ARD and MASC Service Centre if you would like a 2021 application form to be mailed to you once they are available.