Loan Guarantees

Loan Guarantees


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In partnership with credit unions, caisse populaires and certain chartered banks, MASC helps provide rural Manitobans with access to credit with reasonable interest rates and terms.

This partnership provides agricultural producers and rural entrepreneurs with opportunities to develop and expand their operations, by encouraging financing that the private sector generally considers to be higher risk.

Agricultural Loan Guarantees

Agricultural Loan Guarantees

Agricultural Loan Guarantees

Agricultural Loan Guarantees Factsheet

MASC guarantees agricultural loans for the purposes of diversifying operations (Diversification Loan Guarantees), livestock association financing (Manitoba Livestock Associations Loan Guarantees), and obtaining lines of credit with reasonable terms (Operating Credit Loan Guarantees).

Diversification Loan Guarantees


MASC's Diversification Loan Guarantee (DLG) program assists producers and agricultural enterprises in diversifying and/or adding value to agricultural commodities by guaranteeing funds borrowed from participating commercial lenders. The program can also be used to finance the purchase of equity shares in New Generation Cooperatives.

Projects considered eligible for the DLG program must comply with laws concerning the environment, and any buildings or improvements associated with the project must comply with land use control laws.

Manitoba Livestock Associations Loan Guarantees

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Manitoba Livestock Associations Loan Guarantees provide members of livestock associations with more favourable financing terms than they would be able to access individually. MASC can provide the lender with a guarantee of up to 25% on the association's loan.

MASC guarantees loans to feeder and breeder associations.


Operating Credit Loan Guarantees


MASC's Operating Credit Guarantees (OCG) for Agriculture assist producers in obtaining lines of credit from participating lending institutions with reasonable terms.

The OCG program guarantees loans that can be used for general farm expenditures, living expenses, current year's principal and interest payments on existing loans, and in cases of emergency, limited capital purchases.

Non-Agricultural Loan Guarantees

Non-Agricultural Loan Guarantees

Rural Small Business Loan Guarantees

REA/RSB Loan Guarantees Factsheet

MASC also guarantees loans to existing and start-up businesses and entrepreneurs in rural Manitoba (outside Winnipeg).

Rural Entrepreneur Assistance


The Rural Entrepreneur Assistance (REA) program guarantees 80% of an entrepreneur's loan amount (to a maximum of $200,000), providing extra security to financial institutions that are prepared to offer businesses (small commercial and home-based) in rural Manitoba the financial support they need to be successful.

Loans can be made to owners/operators, and may be used to finance the purchase of fixed assets, inventory and/or working capital.

Rural Small Business Operating Credit Guarantee

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MASC's Operating Credit Guarantees for Rural Small Business (RSB) program provides guarantees on lines of credit obtained from participating lending institutions. Loans to rural small businesses can be used to purchase inventory, finance receivables, and cover general operating expenses.

Loans made under the RSB program can be used for purchasing inventory, financing of receivables, general operating expenses and the current year's principal and interest payments on business loans(as identified at application).