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In addition to its core insurance and lending programs, the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) also has extensive experience in designing, administering and delivering support programs for rural Manitobans on behalf of the governments of Manitoba and Canada.

Farmland School Tax Rebate

Farmland School Tax Rebate

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The Farmland School Tax Rebate (FSTR) was implemented in 2004 to support the rural economy by providing farmland owners with school tax relief.

The rebate percentage has increased from 33% in 2004 to the current level of 40% (subject to a maximum rebate). Landowners are required to submit an annual application to MASC. Once you are registered with MASC and receive a rebate, a pre-printed application form for the following year will be mailed to you when they become available.

Additional information and blank application forms (for first-time applicants) are available on the Farmland School Tax Rebate page or at a .

Wildlife Damage Compensation

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The Wildlife Damage Compensation (WDC) program has two major components — wildlife damage to agricultural crops and predation of livestock.

Damage to Crops: WDC reduces financial losses incurred by damage caused by migratory waterfowl and big game to crops, honey products, and leafcutter bee products. The compensation pays a portion of the loss or damage to eligible agricultural products.

Predation of Livestock: WDC compensates producers for losses to domestic livestock due to predation for a portion of the animal's commercial value (maximium of $3000). Registered purebred livestock are valued at twice that of a commercial market animal.

Manitoba Management Plus Program (MMPP)

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The Manitoba Management Plus Program (MMPP) makes available crop and variety yield and acreage information, arranged by municipality, risk area and soil productivity index.

Producers can use data provided by MMPP for benchmarking, market assessments and improved farm management decision making.

Inspection Services

Inspection Services

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In support of Manitoba's agricultural sector, the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation provides inspection services at a reasonable cost. MASC provides crop adjusting services to assess third-party crop loss appraisals such as chemical spray drift, and livestock inspections.

For more information about MASC Inspection Services, please contact a MASC Insurance Specialist.