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Producer Packages

2020 Producer HPR Package

These are the instructional documents included with MASC's 2020 Producer HPR package that is mailed out to all insured producers.

Reminders for 2020

Winter Wheat and Fall Rye seeding deadlines extended, reminders for EMI selections, reporting tile drainage areas, claim notification deadline for greenfeed and forages, MASC's COVID-19 update, and more.

2020 HPR Instructions

To complete your Harvested Production Report (HPR), you will need records of yields, stored production/bin capacity information (including test weight, grade, and dockage), fed production and/or production used for seed (fall rye, winter wheat), and sales receipts for sold production.

2020 Forage HPR Instructions

Please refer to the instructions in this document when completing your Forage Harvested Production Report (HPR). If you have any more questions regarding reporting your forage information, please contact your MASC office.

2020 Pasture Days Fall Declaration Instructions

Please complete the 2020 Pasture Days Fall Declaration when all livestock have been permanently removed from your pasture, or when winter feed (bales, silage, etc.) has become the primary feed source (more than 50% of the feed) to livestock on pasture.

myMASC Instructions

These instructions will guide you through specific tasks in the myMASC portal.

Logging in to your myMASC Account

Follow these step-by-step instructions to help you log in to your myMASC account

Filing your HPR Online

These instructions will help you to file your Harvested Production Report (HPR) in the myMASC portal.

Downloading your HPR

Follow these instructions to help you download a copy of your Harvested Production Report.