Novel Crops Insurance

Novel Crops Insurance


  • Novel Crop Insurance provides coverage on crops not currently covered by the AgriInsurance program due to the relatively small number of acres grown and/or lack of data or information available.


  • Novel Crop Insurance is available to all producers that have an AgriInsurance contract.
  • Landlords are not eligible.
  • Coverage is restricted to annual, biennial and perennial crops grown for the production of grain or seed. Coverage is available in the year of harvest only.
  • Producers must grow and insure at least one typical annual or forage seed crop in order to calculate coverage for the Novel Crop.
  • Novel Crop acres cannot exceed per cent of the producer’s other insured annual and forage seed crop acres grown in that year.

    Eligibility Example

    AgriInsurance Crop Acres
    Red Spring Wheat
    Total non-Novel Crop acres:
    Maximum acres eligible for Novel Crop Insurance:   = x per cent
      = acres
  • Intercrop mixtures are eligible for coverage as a Novel Crop.
  • Minimum of acres per Novel Crop is required.
  • Seeding deadline for all Novel Crops is June 20.
  • Novel Crops are eligible for a reseed benefit of 25 per cent of the crop’s per acre dollar coverage if the crop fails to establish by June 20.


  • The premium is cost shared per cent by the producer, per cent by the Government of Canada, and per cent by the Province of Manitoba.
  • The producer premium cost for Novel Crop Insurance is:
    • $ per acre at the $ per acre coverage level
    • $ per acre at the $ per acre coverage level
    • $ per acre at the $ per acre coverage level


  • Producers may select from three different coverage levels: $, $, or $ per acre.
  • Coverage Example

    Novel Crop acres x $ per acre coverage   = $
  • Note: Crops insured by Novel Crop Insurance are not eligible for any Stage 1 benefit.


  • A claim on Novel Crop acres is based on the loss experienced by the producer on other typical crops:

    Claim Example

    Crop Indemnity Total Coverage
    Soybeans $ $
    Red Spring Wheat $ $
    Canola $ $
    Total:   $ $
    Loss Percentage:     = /
      = per cent
    Novel Crops Claim:  
      ( acres with $ per acre coverage)
      = acres x $ x per cent
      = $

Hail Insurance

  • Many Novel Crops are eligible for Hail Insurance:
    • Adzuki Beans
    • Alsike Clover (Seed)
    • Camelina
    • Carinata
    • Chickpeas
    • Grasses (Seed)
    • Leguminous Forage (Seed)
    • Lima Beans
    • Lupins (Seed)
    • Millet (Foxtail Seed)
    • Mung Beans
    • Niger Seed
    • Perennial Helianthus Species
    • Red Clover (Seed)
    • Safflower
    • Sainfoin (Seed)
    • Spelt
    • Spring Rye
    • Sweet Clover (Seed)
    • Timothy Seed (Common)
    • White Dutch Clover (Seed)
    • Winter Triticale
    • Intercrop Mixtures
  • If a producer wants coverage under the Hail Insurance program, he must complete a Hail Insurance application and select a dollar coverage level.
  • Contact MASC to inquire about Hail Insurance on Novel Crops not listed above.

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • March 31 is the last day to apply for or make changes to an MASC AgriInsurance contract (including the selection of Novel Crop Insurance).
  • June 30 is the last day to file a Seeded Acreage Report.
  • November 30 is the last day to file a Harvested Production Report.


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