Pasture Insurance

Pasture Insurance


  • Pasture insurance provides additional insurance coverage for forage producers to cover potential losses resulting from shortfalls in summer grazing capacity.
  • Losses are calculated based on the producer’s hay production.


  • The producer must have Basic Hay Insurance or all hay types insured under Select Hay Insurance at the same coverage level.
  • Landlords are not eligible for Pasture Insurance.
  • The number of livestock to be pastured determines the coverage.
  • The number of animals enrolled cannot exceed the set maximum for every acre of insured forages (see Table 1).

    Table 1

    Eligible Livestock
    Consumption Level Coverage per Animal Animals per Acre
    of Insured Forages
    per cent per cent
    Beef, Dairy, and Bison
    Cow/Calf Pairs, Bulls High $ $ 1
    Open Cows High $ $ 1
    Bred Cows and Heifers High $ $ 1
    Yearling Calves Medium $ $ 2
    Steers and Heifers Medium $ $ 2
    Horses and Mules High $ $ 1
    Elk, Donkeys, and Llamas Medium $ $ 2
    Sheep and Goats Low $ $ 5
    Deer and Alpacas Low $ $ 5

  • Eligibility Example 1

    A producer selects per cent coverage on his forage and pasture. The producer has 100 cows and acres of insured hay.

    Coverage limited to cows (lesser of animals and acres)
    Dollar Coverage   = cows x $ per head
      = $

Eligibility (continued)

  • Eligibility Example 2

    A producer selects per cent coverage on his forage and pasture.The producer has sheep and 100 acres of insured hay.

    All Sheep have Coverage (100 acres x 5 sheep per acre = 500 sheep maximum)
    Dollar Coverage   = sheep x $ per sheep
      = $


  • The Pasture Insurance coverage level must be the same as the selected Forage Insurance coverage level.


  • The premium is shared per cent by the producer, per cent by the Government of Canada, and per cent by the Province of Manitoba.


  • Insureds do not request a pasture insurance claim. A Pasture Insurance indemnity will be paid automatically in conjunction with a payable Forage Insurance claim. The deadline to register a Forage Insurance claim and submit the associated Harvested Production Report is September 30.
  • The Pasture Insurance payment is based solely on the Forage Insurance payout percentage (i.e. if per cent of the Forage Insurance coverage is paid out then per cent of the pasture coverage is also paid).

    Claim Example

    A producer has Pasture Insurance coverage of $ and experiences a per cent loss under Forage Insurance.

    Pasture Insurance Indemnity   = Total Pasture Insurance Coverage x per cent (via Forage Insurance)
      = x 0.3
      = $

Other Program Details

  • All tame hay acres and livestock numbers must be reported on the Seeded Acreage Report by June 30.
  • Participants in the Pasture Days Insurance Program are not eligible to select Pasture Insurance.

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • March 31 is the last day to apply for Forage Insurance and Pasture Insurance, make changes (add or delete crops and change coverage levels) or to cancel AgriInsurance.
  • June 30 is the last day to file Seeded Acreage Reports and to revise livestock numbers for Pasture Insurance.
  • September 30 is the last day to register Forage Insurance claims with no late fees.
  • November 30 is the last day to file your Harvested Production Report with no late fees.
  • November 30 is the last day to register a Forage Insurance claim with late penalty


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