Eligible Varieties


The Eligible Varieties List for the AgriInsurance Program is listed below. The Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) is confident that most producers will continue to select crops and varieties that are suited to their farm and, as a result, only potatoes have variety restrictions.

Producers who grow lower yielding varieties of any crop will experience reduced insurance coverage in the future. Poor loss experience will be reflected in higher insurance premiums through the discount/surcharge calculation.

Summary of Variety Restrictions

  • Potatoes: All varieties are insurable as Table Potatoes or Processing Potatoes. Varieties considered by MASC to be early-maturing potatoes are listed. All other varieties are considered to be late-maturing potatoes. Early-maturing and late-maturing potatoes have different dates by which seeding must occur in order to qualify for insurance. All varieties of seed potatoes are subject to the variety insurability criteria of the corresponding Table or Processing variety.

Although there are no specific variety restrictions for wheat, the assignment of a wheat variety to a major class (or type) of wheat is based on the variety classification as shown in the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) Variety Designation List that is in effect as of April 1 of the year of insurance. Some wheat classes are insured by MASC under its “Other Spring Wheat” category as defined annually in the AgriInsurance Contract. Starting in 2023, Extra Strong Wheat and Organic Extra Strong Wheat are insurable as Other Spring Wheat and Organic Other Spring Wheat, respectively.

MASC reserves the right to designate any unknown or undeclared variety submitted on a Seeded Acreage Report, as a specific variety or crop at its sole discretion.

Some crops have restricted insurance areas for seeding deadline purposes. Maps illustrating the boundaries of restricted insurance areas can be viewed on the MASC Risk Areas page.

Please direct any questions you have regarding the insurability of crops or varieties to a .

For information on which varieties are best suited to your region:

Eligible Varieties List