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Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation

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Operating Credit Guarantees (OCG) for Agriculture

With market fluctuations, managing a farm's cash flow can be inherently challenging. When bills are due and the money to pay them might not be received until much later, operating credit is essential to fill the gap.

MASC's Operating Credit Guarantees (OCG) for Agriculture assist producers in obtaining lines of credit from participating lending institutions with reasonable terms. The OCG guarantees loans that can be used for general farm expenditures, living expenses, current year's principal and interest payments on existing loans, and in cases of emergency, limited capital purchases.

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Program Features

Under the OCG program, MASC provides participating lending institutions with a 25% guarantee on an operating loan made to a farmer. The program is flexible enough to accommodate traditional Manitoba farmers, and those farmers and agricultural enterprises undertaking diversification and value added activity.


Eligible Applicants

Qualified individual applicants must:

  • be 18 years of age or older
  • be Manitoba residents and Canadian citizens (or lawfully admitted to Canada as a permanent resident)
  • personally operate the farm to which the loan applies

Qualified partnerships, limited partnerships, corporations and cooperatives must:

  • have a majority interest held by individuals who meet the above individual requirements
  • be incorporated or registered in Manitoba, and carry on (or intend to carry on) business in Manitoba
  • have more than 50% of the controlling interest and rights to more than 50% of the net assets of the enterprise retained by those who meet the above individual requirements

In addition, all applicants must demonstrate the knowedge, ability and experience neccessary to operate the farm successfully, provide evidence that the farm is viable, and that the purpose for which the loan is made complies with environmental laws.

Eligible Uses

An operating loan guaranteed by the OCG program may be used for:

  • operating expenses incurred to third parties for the operating period applied for
  • the applicant’s general living expenses for that operating period
  • the current year’s principal and interest payments (excluding payment of loan arrears) on loans identified at time of application, and
  • capital purchases of an emergency nature not exceeding 5% of the operating line of credit guaranteed


MASC's OCG program provides participating lending institutions with a 25% guarantee on operating loans.

As a potential client, you first apply for an operating loan to a lending institution. If the lender deems your application would benefit from an MASC Operating Credit Guarantee, the lender will then forward your application to MASC.

Loan Maximum

The maximum operating loan to be guaranteed by the OCG program is ${program_details::max_individual} for individuals and single shareholder corporations, and ${program_details::max_corporation} million for partnerships, corporations, and cooperatives.

Interest Rate

Interest rates will be capped at the lender's prime rate plus {program_details::rate_add}%.


The loan is repayable annually or at the completion of a production cycle.


Potential clients apply to the participating private lender of their choice. If the lender assesses that the client's application would benefit from a guarantee, the lender in turn applies to MASC.

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