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Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation

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Operating Credit Guarantees for Rural Small Business

Small businesses are the engines of Manitoba's economy. They account for half of the province's total employment, with two-thirds of small businesses employing fewer than five people, and a significant proportion of new job creation in Manitoba.

MASC's Operating Credit Guarantees for Rural Small Business (RSB) program provides guarantees on lines of credit obtained from participating lending institutions. Loans to rural small businesses can be used to purchase inventory, finance receivables, and cover general operating expenses.

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To qualify for the RSB program:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age and a resident in Manitoba as a Canadian citizen (or lawfully admitted to Canada for permanent residence);
  • You must be the owner-operator or majority shareholder of the business (a minimum of {applicant_equity}% equity);
  • The business must be located in rural Manitoba (outside of Winnipeg), and must provide full-time employment for at least one individual (1,500+ hours of employment per year); and
  • The business must have annual sales or income of less than ${max_sales} million.

Ineligible businesses include: insurance, real estate, financial, professional and consulting services, restaurants, and those engaged in primary harvesting of resources and primary agriculture.

If you are eligible for an RSB loan guarantee, you might also qualify for further financing through Rural Entrepreneur Assistance.


Upon approval, MASC will guarantee 25% of the maximum authorized amount of the loan.

Loan Purposes

Loans made under the RSB program can be used for:

  • purchasing inventory
  • financing of receivables
  • general operating expenses
  • current year's principal and interest payments on business loans (as identified at application)
Loan Minimum & Loan Maximum

There is no minimum line of credit to be guaranteed. The maximum loan amount that will be guaranteed is ${max_loan}.

Maximum Interest

The maximum interest rate that can be charged for an RSB loan guarantee is the lender's {max_interest}%.



For more information about the RSB program, contact a participating lender or the RSB program specialist:

RSB Program Specialist
Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation
1-5290 Monterey Road
Headingley, Manitoba R4H 1J9
Tel: (204) 945-2180
Toll-free: 1-800-282-8069 (Ext. 2180)
E-mail: rea[at]masc.mb.ca


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